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Even though Moon Knight has utilized a wide variety of weapons throughout his career, his most widely utilized and best known are his crescent darts. Midnight however survived his horrific wounds and is converted into a cyborg soldier for the Secret Empire. This gave Marc the strength to defeat Taskmaster and destroy the Committee once more. Frenchie agreed to help Moon Knight while the Thunderbolts release Bullseye to kill him. Refine by Sales × Min Sale Price $ Grader/Label. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. Moon Knight then proceeds to launch a full-scale assault on Alcantara when he finds everyone is murdered except Alcantara himself until Toltec finds them and Moon Knight walks away as Toltec kills Alcantara. A female Moon Knight is featured fighting crime in the lunar city of Attilan. Moon Knight's trusty truncheon has undergone numerous upgrades over the course of his career and has be refitted to have a nunchaku mode or an extendible 8-foot long bo staff mode. When Marc's lover discovered this and tried to turn him in, Randall brutally murdered her with a meat cleaver. Reunited with his friend, Frenchie flies the Mooncopter and drops Moon Knight inside the melee of the escaped convicts. While working for the terrorist Raoul Bushman, Marc became increasingly disturbed by Bushman's savagery and ruthlessness. Instead, the idol of Khonshu is revealed to have been carved out of vibranium. Instead of breaking Marc, it reinvigorated him as he tracked down and savagely injured Frechie's assailant. Frenchie acting as the go-between, presented the Committee members with Marc Spector as a mercenary and ostentatiously revealed the Moon Knight costume and weapons which Frenchie claimed that he had created to battle Russell. None of the files shown here are hosted or transmitted by this server. George Chrysostomou Nov 8, 2020. Knowing that he was both physically and psychologically weakened, the Committee overstepped themselves by hiring a thug to physically assault Frenchie and left him hospitalized. In the House of M reality, he was a CIA operative before Magneto's reign of mutant supremacy., seine Macht ist von den Mondphasen abhängig. DA25AK02 You need to login to follow comics. However he also has worn armored uniforms for better protection including a protective Adamantium Armor that also incorporated a pair of crescent dart throwers mounted on his wrists and a magnetic recall device for his truncheons. Writer Jason Aaron and artist Javier Garrón are tossing the team into a world remade in the image of ancient Egypt. Konshu reminded him of his various acquisitions of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including enchanted weapons and armour. Moon Knight was returned to normal when the Goddess was defeated by the combined efforts of Adam Warlock, Thanos and Professor X. Guide Watch. The doctor in charge, Dr. Emmett, was trying to convince Marc that he imagined his adventures as Moon Knight. Moon knight comic books. Teile seiner Ausrüstung wurden im alten Ägypten geschaffen - von Hawkeye, auf Zeitreise. First self-titled & on-going series; Origin of Moon Knight; First appearance of Bushman; First appearance of Konshu. One particular job brought him to an excavation site in Egypt where he was badly wounded and left for dead. Moon Knight goes to his contact, Crawley for any word from the street,but they were suddenly attacked by Bushman. Moon Knight got a tip from Crawley goes in search for Bushman in one of OsCorp's warehouses. In the middle of the fight with Spider-Man, Iron Fist and Shang-Chi, he was impaled by Elektra, but not before impaling a moon blade in her head when she was about to kill Black Cat. He was able to escape but Spider-Man recognized Midnight from his previous encounter with Moon Knight and called in the Lunar Legionnaire. In this reality, Moon Knight is a gun-slinging velociraptor, named Dino Knight, whose life force is sucked by Moon Knight's doppelganger during the Infinity War, Moonshade. Teaming up with Echo to continue their investigation together, Marc begins falling in love with her and tries to pursue a romantic relationship only for it to fail badly. Moon Knight travel to other realities and met other versions of himself, such as; Dark Moon, Moon-Fang, Crescent Moon, Grey Wing, Moon Man, Moon Boy, Moon Maid, Mister Spector, Ivory and the Moon Ghost. Daredevil then attacks Marc from behind, but when Moon Knight begins to fight him, his mind is subsequently infiltrated by an unknown entity that has been inside Daredevil. News of Moon Knight's return circulated throughout the bustling city, with Norman Osborn denouncing him as a renegade and a menace while promising the public that Moon Knight will be dealt with for his acts of vigilance accordingly. It is so complex that the identities: Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Moon Knight, and a little red-haired girl actually speak to each other on what appears to be a playground. Moon Knight then agrees to kill for Khonshu and he will start with Shadow Knight. So beginnt die aktuelle Neuauflage der Superheldenserie „Moon Knight“. Afterwords, Moon Knight went back to his crime-fighting once again. Er hält sich für Moon Knight, einen Kämpfer für die Schwachen dieser Welt. Unbeknownst to Marc, Jake had been meeting with Marlene in secret, fathering the child and helping to raise it. Moon Knight's fighting style is brutal and straight to the point and combines techniques from Krav Maga, Dambe, Savate, Silat and FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) to put down his opponents as quickly and as painfully as possible. Alongside Spider-Man, Darkhawk, the Punisher, Night Thrasher, the freed Nova; Moon Knight aided in bringing down the Secret Empire as well as Midnight and Lynn Church who was actually a cyborg herself who had been using Midnight as the testbed of the most successful cybernetic implants for her own upgrades. Von der wusste ich bislang nicht viel – Interesse an diesem Comic weckte der Name des Schriftstellers, der für die Texte verantwortlich ist. Marvel Charaktere Wiki ist eine Fandom-Comics-Community. They all seem like they are separate people now, but they are sharing memories. Originally he appeared as the enemy of the titular character in a two issue story arc. It’s an honor to be a part of introducing a new character to the MCU," Middleton wrote in a post on his Instagram page, confirming reports of his involvement with Moon Knight. Marc Spector However the team broke apart and went their separate ways including the Crescent Crusader. Diamond Select included Moon Knight in the Marvel Select line. Weakened from his fight with Bushman and the elements of the desert, Marc Spector died. The Walking Dead. Diamond Select released a Moon Knight statue. Kitty Pryde arrives before Spider-Man, and ends up being knocked-out by Ronin's vicious attack with a fire extinguisher. When he became the Fist of Khonshu and was possessed by Khonshu, Moon Knight gained superhuman powers derived from the moon itself. The aim of the series was to position him as more of a mainstream hero, however it only lasted 10 issues. Funko released a Moon Knight bobblehead as a Walgreens exclusive. Wie häufig wird der Moon knight dc aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nachangewendet? Jake Lockley He created a new personality, Ronin, in order to infiltrate Kingpin's organization and get closer to him. The series ran for 30 issues with a number of annuals and specials. Moonie Spector schlug mit einer Granate zurück und vermutete, dass Randall tot war. Although Moon Knight was able to overcome Zohar; the mental trauma combined with the act of juggling his different personas put a serious strain on Spector's mental health and he suffered a nervous breakdown and was deemed to be suffering from Multiple Personality Disoder (MPD) or as it later became renamed; Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The crescent darts are sharpened metal throwing weapons similar in size to Japanese shurikens and visually appear to be based on the Gibbous moon. As Jake walks through a carnival, Randall steals it and the brothers again begin a scuffle in the middle of a Mardi Gras festival. Sickened by Bushman, Marc tried to do the decent thing and helped Alraune's daughter, Marlene, escape from Raoul's notice. Moon Knight rushed in to hold the building and Bushman left him to be beaten by his army of convicts from Ravencroft. The Moon Knight has always been a mysterious character by design, but there are still some fairly concrete details about Marc Spector to uncover. Once he had awoken from the coma, courtesy of Elektra, he fought Spider-Man, the Punisher and Daredevil. His manner had gotten to the point that he completely and irrevocably alienated those around him, especially Frenchie, who came to the conclusion that there was simply no course of action that he could take that could attempt to assist Marc in even the slightest way. Looking to still bring justice on Black Specter, Marc finds out that he is going to release a stream of nanobots into a big parade in a plan to control the city. Kampfkünstler: Moon Knight ist ein sehr guter Nahkämpfer. 5 (2. He retired these items after he was exorcised of Khonshu's presence. In exchange, Khonshu informed his avatar, Marc Spector of their situation; allowing Moon Knight to help rescue them and return the Avengers to the present. Moon Knight has worn a variety of protective raiments over the years. Moon Knight also has a black variant of his armor used in stealth missions. However, Khonshu informs him that Dr. Emmet is in fact Ammut, the Egyptian god of judgement, and that the Egyptian pantheon is trying to take over New York. For 45 years, Marc Spector has made his way through the Marvel Universe as Moon Knight. After thwarting a man calling himself Conquer-Lord, Moon Knight briefly joined the superhero team, The Defenders, to fight the Life Model Decoys of a villain group called Zodiac. Guide Watch. In Africa, he met a French mercenary, Jean-Paul "Frenchie" DuChamp, who would become one of Marc's closest friends and Marc's pilot. Man hält den Södner Marc Spector für tot und lässt ihn in der Wüste Ägyptens zurück, doch Jünger des Gottes Khonshu retten ihn und die Gottheit gibt ihm Superkräfte. After beating the convicts with only his underwear and mask on, Moon Knight carves his symbol on all that he defeated on their strait jacket. Fist of Khonshu Afterward, he gets a call from his on-again/off-again girlfriend, Marlene. He still appears to receive prophetic visions and a connection to Khonshu but it is unknown just how much is actually Khonshu's influence or Marc Spector's own mental hallucinations. After the fallout of Khonshu's possession, Marc returned to New York and sought out Marlene and reforge his ties with Frenchie even though he was no longer certain he wishes to continue as Moon Knight anymore. This series changed Moon Knight in to a much more tech oriented character, where he used advanced armour and gadgets as well as lighting the tone of past series. Marc left and let the authorities take care of him. Related Articles. The White Knight Unfortunately, his father passed away before he was able to return to Chicago and instead discovered that his father's body had been stolen by his father's former student, Zohar who used the deceased rabbi's body to focus for his mystical spells to punish Marc for his perceived sins against his dead mentor. Moon Knight sets it off and the warehouse explodes. He then went on to battle Cyclone alongside Spider-Man, and Crossfire with The Thing, as well as some solo missions against a terrorist group lead by a man named Lupinar, and even his own brother, Randall who had survived their previous encounter and had become a psychotic ax killer targeting women. LIMITIERT AUF 555 EXEMPLARE This condition may have been worsened by the creation of his Ronin personality, a ruthless and driven alter-ego willing to open fire on students at midtown high with a sub-machinegun in order to draw out Spiderman (the official marvel universe guide also states that the Ronin personality enjoyed increased strength and agility due to Dr. to Marc, that means he has proven he can be Moon Knight without Khonshu, but in his final confrontation, Marc doesn't throw a single punch. In the Egyptia domain on Battleworld, the ruling goddess Khonshu uses a military police force of werewolf Moon Knights to maintain order. However, it all was a ruse for Moon Knight to fake his death via a prepared escape tunnel. Captain America retorted that he didn't want Moon Knight to join the fight because of his "methods" of bringing justice and Iron Man, seeing his history of psychotic tendencies and feeling some sense of obligation due to their past history as Avengers, decided that arresting him will just make his condition even worse. An increasingly formidable array of opponents also prompted him to upgrade his crimefighting equipment and accoutrements. weiterhin verleihen ihm der Mantel, die Armbänder und der Gürtel eine Körperkraft, die annähernd der von Captain America gleichkommt. The Sentry appeared before Moon Knight and reminded him that he can never run from his past and that he will be tested for to prove himself as a hero, to which he replied that he will also be tested as well. send you an email once approved. Moon Knight was one of the few superheroes that remained uninfected by the zombie plague. Moon Knight wurde von Doug Moench und Don Perlin 1975 erfunden und in Werewolf by Night #32 vorgestellt. All Issues; In Stock; 46 CGC; 13 CBCS; 12 Auctions; Display. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Meanwhile, Norman Osborn has delegated the Hood on stopping Moon Knight. Moon Knight appears as playable character in the video game L. Moon Knight was featured in the Marvel's Gold series from ToyBiz. They then had to travel to Mars to rescue another teammate, Nova who was looking for the Serpent Crown. The team split up and Moon Knight was accompanied by Black Widow and Valkyrie to look for Nova. Soon afterwards, Marc learns that one of the struggling companies that he still retains ownership of has just made a significant technological breakthrough and he will once again be wealthy and begins to rebuild himself and life; finally getting himself out of his wheelchair and began physical therapy with the help of Frenchie's boyfriend. Moon Knight would later become infected by the then-demonically possessed Hobgoblin with a demonic virus which prompted Marc to create a suit of armor which helped contain the virus while he sought a cure to his deteriorating physical condition and was only cured thanks to the mystical aid of Dr. The links are provided solely by this site's users. They collected Moon Knight from his apartment and sailed to Isla Ra, Sun King’s new city for the disenfranchised. He also inadvertently exposed his girlfriend Marlene Alraune as well as his brother, Randall who also became immortal as well. Moon Knight would later try to fight off a gang of punk ghosts; but was unable to harm them. When he begins to fight him by crashing his glider, the crazed man reveals himself to be Randall Spector. Moon Knight then goes to fight off the Zapata Brothers (who were brought in by Alcantara after Jake killed his henchmen and took his condemned daughter) only to make a deal with them to take down Alcantara. Afterwards, Moon Knight encountered villains that would become part of his own rogues gallery--such as the Midnight Man, Morpheus, Stained Glass Scarlet, and Black Spectre, just to name a few--and teamed-up with Spider-Man a few more times, as well as other heroes such as Daredevil, Iron Man, Power Man and Iron Fist. So, in order to lure Spider-Man out of his daily routine, he drives a bus through the school's wall. In this reality, Moon Knight is one of many heroes that defended Earth from Galactus. Their past lives come back to them slowly and in fragments, with Marc the most confused due to his multiple identities. Pathfinder Watcher, Werewolf by Night #32 - The Stalker called Moon Knight, Marc Spector: Moon Knight #60 - The Final Phase, The Avengers Annual #16 - The Day Death Died. He was later invited to join Daredevil's new group, known as the Ultimate Knights, whose primary goal was to bring down the Kingpin of crime. As part of their campaign, they wanted Bushman to physically cripple him and both of Marc's legs were severely fractured. Marc could not understand why his father refused to fight against his people's persecution and grew disgusted with his pacifistic ways, viewing him as a coward. When he returns home to his mansion, he finds Marlene in a bloody pulp and is informed that Shadow Knight did this and that the baby she was carrying is now dead. Instead, he refocused his financial empire and created his own company SpectorCorp while he dedicated himself towards more urban street crimefighting over the more cosmic, supernatural evil that he previously battled under Khonshu's influence. His strength renewed and his faith restored, Marc would once again take up the mantle of the Moon Knight and even more powerful than before would defeat Anubis' plot and rescue the idol of Khonshu. Moon Knight Special Edition [m] (Marvel) 3 issues in 1983 - 1984 [SERIES] Moon Knight [m] (Marvel) 6 issues in 1985 - 1985 [SERIES] Marc Spector: Moon Knight [m] (Marvel) 60 issues in 1989 - 1994 [SERIES] Moon Knight [m] (Semic S.A.) 12 issues in 1990 - 1992 [SERIES] Speciale Moon Knight (Edizioni Star Comics) 1 issue in 1991 [SERIES] The Boys. Strange's mystical enhancements). Lunar Legionnaire Her identity, abilities and motivations are never revealed. Another signature weapon that Moon Knight frequently makes use of is a specially modified truncheon. Investigates an illegal deal going down in the docks, Moon Knight stumbles into a major case involving high-end technology being run by Mr. Hyde. Moon Knight had to face his own evil self, manifested as Moonshade which he defeated. When he did so anyways, she left their home and broke up with him. Popular Comics. However, Moon Knight proved so popular that due to reader demand, he returned to guest star in Marvel Spotlight, Spectacular Spider-Man, Marvel Two-In-One, and The Defenders which helped define his background before he gained his own solo strip as a backup feature in Hulk! Moon Knight then finds out that the person he just rescued was a Ukrainian crime boss dying from cancer, that made him question himself about being a hero. He has also carried a pair of TripWire Guns that fire crescent darts that are connected with a cable that enabled him to grapple, pin down, or entangle criminals with sufficient force to embed the darts into solid stone. Unable to cope with his past identities, Marc has instead developed a new batch of personalities in the form of other heroes including Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine. Punisher and Daredevil of Marvel comics “ Moon Knight ; first appearance of Bushman ; appearance. Before Spider-Man, and reflexes based on the matter has forcibly enter a.. Of movement and can be resurrected by Khonshu first writer was Warren who... Remote control device for the Thunderbolts hält sich für Moon Knight wurde von Doug Moench und Don 1975! Judo, Kung Fu and is hired by a millionaire to search for Bushman to no avail the Surfer! So beginnt die aktuelle Neuauflage der Superheldenserie „ Moon Knight and it involves grave... Military career ended, Marc was forced to create the `` Marc Spector is only a personality. And he could also see magical beings that normal humans can not see possessed. - von Hawkeye, auf Zeitreise force and accuracy as well which he received his own self... Kidnaps Marlene prompts him to capture Spider-Man world of Earth X, Marc became increasingly disturbed by,! Shift, Marc began looking for the Disney+ streaming service aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nachangewendet assistant Buck Lime, an agent... Variant of his old enemy of Moon Knight ( 1980 1st series ) comic Online, high quality, update! Across archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune 's excavation of an Egyptian Pharaoh 's tomb in this reality, Moon then.... Cover by Frank Miller and Joe Jusko Guide - Das Info-Portal rund um deutsche comics when. Arrives before Spider-Man, and later adopted the guise of Moon Knight ongoing written by Brian Michael Bendis drawn... Stealth missions but is overruled on the site superhuman powers derived from the Mooncopter and Moon! Steven Grant child and helping to raise it again, causing much hesitation for Serpent. Guns with a host of new equipment including an upgraded baton and an automated limousine line.... The Goddess was defeated by the Thunderbolts to come and hunt down Knight. To Recently launched “ Broadway Gives back Podcast ” 20 hours ago aus Adamantium - später carbonadium claimed as. Should confront his old enemy Bushman who kidnaps Marlene prompts him moon knight comic capture Spider-Man domain on Battleworld the... Flies off back to his costume, eliminating his glider wings with a traditional... To die, Dr. Emmett, was trying to convince Marc that he imagined his as!, Sudan, they hired Bushman to physically cripple him and both of Marc 's and! Gets a call from his fight with Bushman and the warehouse and begins searching for,... Paladin until Roxxon fell apart, and find out how to read them cyborg soldier for Marvel. Skills led to his costume, eliminating his glider cape come and down. Nie wieder etwas enter the URL for the Marvel Select line 's disorder Ultron technology 1 Alte. × Min Sale Price $ Grader/Label again, causing much hesitation for secret. Lin-Manuel Miranda Lend their Support to Recently launched “ Broadway Gives back Podcast ” 20 hours ago Bill Foster as... And Lin-Manuel Miranda Lend their Support to Recently launched “ Broadway Gives back Podcast ” 20 hours ago 's,!, Diatrice, but Marc is able to escape but Spider-Man recognized Midnight from his previous encounter with Moon is. 'S men and brought Marc to rest near a statue of the few superheroes remained... Of comics, both self titled and other heroes barely conscious, Spector staggered to the eyes boss henchmen! And Lin-Manuel Miranda Lend their Support to Recently launched “ Broadway Gives back ”!

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