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), camping here shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you fancy a trip a little more on the wild side, it is legal to wild camp in Scotland and there are a lot of wild camping spots along the NC500 route as well. Read more about the cave tour and the work being done on Smoo Cave on their website here. Thanks to the hard work of the locals, the cave network here is ever-expanding, with new caves being discovered every year. The remote Handa Island is one of the best day trips that you can take on the NC500 route. There are a bunch of coloured houses which remind me of Balamory, and there are a few souvenir shops (a really cool Christmas shop! Spring (March, April, May) – 5-10 degrees C, Summer (June, July, August) – 15 degrees C, Autumn (September, October, November) – 5-10 degrees C, Winter (December, January, February) – 0-5 degrees C. As you can see, the weather never really gets above the teens, with anything over 25 degrees C considered a heatwave. YUM! At the top of the track, before you begin your return journey to the car, you will find a series of caves dug into the side of the mountain. North Coast 500 7-day Itinerary. This is going to be a fun day! The harbour is a quiet place to visit, with plenty of space to spread out and find a peaceful spot despite how busy it may be. I will drop in a couple of other itinerary suggestions for those who are restricted on time! A lot of the cave openings are currently inaccessible due to being underwater, however, it is believed that during the time of the Vikings, the lower sea levels meant that the cave floor was actually about 10ft lower than it is today, giving access to the huge expanse underneath. It is a beautiful little town, full of character and quaint charm. This spot is run by the National Trust for Scotland.Â, When we visited, there was a suggested donation at the parking machine of £2 per person, which I was happy to pay, but it was actually out of use, so we didn’t have to pay it!Â. This castle ruin sits on an outcrop of land from the surrounding cliffs, with perilous drops on either side. This version of the North Coast 500 sticks to the main route and covers it in five days. We love wild camping and since our campervan is fully self contained (shower and everything), we took advantage of the beautiful wild camping spots along the NC500!Â. To help you plan your own epic adventure, we are giving you this North Coast 500 itinerary free of charge. Edinburgh to Inverness. If you are not sure what you will be needing for your camping trip have a look at our Packing Guide for Cheap Glamping. Day 2: Black Isle to Wick. ), coffee shops, and you can even spot whales, seals, and sharks here when the season is right.Â, A great place to visit and a must-stop on any North Coast 500 itinerary.Â, During our adventures around Scotland Bradley and I have visited A LOT of lighthouses (we even got to stay in a lighthouse cottage on the Isle of Skye), but this one was very pretty. It seemed most places didn’t open until 9, so we suggest buying food and cooking on a stove. Located on the beach side of a town called Strathy, this wild camping spot was literally a 5 minute walk from the beach with amazing views. Inverness to Dornoch – 45.7 miles – 1 hour 7 mins. The furry runs six days a week, with no service on Sundays, and is of course art the discretion of the captain based on weather conditions. Parking up at the side of the road, the waterfall lies about 10-minutes from the gates that mark the beginning of the path. There are two ways to reach the small village of Applecross, one leading around the peninsula to the north and one snaking its way directly over the mountains. So there you have it, your ultimate 7-day itinerary to the North Coast 500. Our Itinerary & Stops Day One. Last but not least, no North Coast 500 road trip would be complete without exploring the capital of the Highlands, Inverness!Â. You can also snap a photo at the iconic John O’Groats signpost. Starting off the day in Durness, if you haven’t already paid a visit to the famous Sango Sands then now is the time to do it. A journey on Scotland’s North Coast 500 makes for a spectacular road trip in itself, with plenty of highlights along the way. Did they use them to shelter from the harsh Scottish weather, or were they killed by a larger predator that called these caves home? These caves are all the site of excavations that have uncovered the bones of ancient predators such as wolves, polar bears and lynxes that used to roam these lands. The main spectacle at this sight is the natural phenomenon of the leaping salmon, an annual display of the resilience and power of nature. So that was disappointing. It’s a short day of driving, only coming in at 1 hour and 36 minutes, but that will give you plenty of time to stop at Thurso and grab a coffee, visit John O Groats and wander around the colourful houses, check out the shops, then head to the Duncansby Head Lighthouse & the Geo of Sclaites, both of which are beautiful as the sun starts to set. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Our camping spot for the night was right at the top of the Ceannabeine village trail, as we had decided to camp wild for the night. I. t’s free to park and walk around, and from here you can take a short walk to the Geo of Scalites which is actually a really cool spot to visit. When you get back to Inverness, take a few hours to explore the city if you haven’t already. The walk around the island is absolutely breathtaking, made even better by the stunning views of mainland Scotland across the light blue water. Like seriously, if you are a Game of Thrones fan you do NOT want to miss this! The earliest parts of the castle date back to the 15th century, where over the years it has been subject to a huge amount of horrifying history. The views here are great, and the 4g with o2 was fantastic, so this was a great place to stay. North Coast 500 is a series of roads forming a loop around the Northern Highlands of Scotland and there is no perfect way to structure your North Coast 500 trip. North Coast 500 Camping Itinerary Summary. Today, the harbour at the bottom lies in ruin, however, thanks to the hard work of the local volunteers the stairs remain in good condition. Given the remote location of the NC500 and the majority of the sights along the route, the best way to get around this road trip is by driving. However, they do have a large Tesco shopping center here so it’s a good place to stock up on food if you need to! If it is the brutal Scottish winter - props to you!- then you’ll need to check you have winter tyres and snow chains. These itineraries are based on the minimum amount of time we recommend to allocate for your journey. North Coast 500 itinerary day 7: Thurso to East Mey via John O’Groats. This 5-day North Coast 500 itinerary takes you along the route and past all of the most famous stops and sites. But for those with the time and inclination to stray from the main route, there is so much more to see and do down endless tracks leading to far flung nooks of the land. Travel our North Coast 500 cycling holiday to experience a satisfying active journey – swap four wheels for two. Thought to date back to 1590, this castle was constructed by the Clan Macleod. The Whaligoe Steps are a series of limestone steps leading down the 250ft cliffside to a sheltered harbour area below. Inverness to Dornoch. As we travelled along the North Coast 500, camped in our trusty Vango tent on a mixture of campsites and wild sites. The walk to the suspension bridge is only 10 minutes, then a further 5 to the viewing platform. Just outside of the small town of Durness lies a cave that has a history dating all the way back to the Vikings. The ancient ruins of the old boathouse and boat-winch remain at the bottom of the cliff for you to see yourself, just take care of the steps! I love caves, and whilst this wasn’t quite as exciting as the caves I’ve seen in Vietnam, it was still very cool!Â. As well as this site there are some stunning lodges that overlook the sea if you are feeling fancy! Driving south from Scourie, you will eventually reach the prominent construction of Kylesku, a contrasting sight against the rugged background of the Scottish highlands. The 7 Day “Tourer” challenge is suitable for sportive riders who want to challenge themselves over a 7 day cycling touring adventure around the stunning North Coast 500 route. Upon your visit to Knockan Crag Nature Reserve, you have the choice of either reading more about the fascinating geology of this part of Scotland or taking a walk along the hiking trail to admire the stunning surrounding landscape. NC500 five day itinerary. Resembling a beautiful French Chateau, with is conical spires and quaint details in its architecture, this castle has been kept in pristine condition throughout the years. © 2021 highlands2hammocks. You can visit the Smoo Caves at any time of the day, with the main cave remaining open to the public 24-7. Like!! Browse the full range of vehicles on offer at Bunk Campers over here. Get planning your trip of a lifetime with this guide and witness some the most beautiful scenery in the world for yourself. The sign-posting for this castle isn’t too great, but if you use Google Maps you should find it. Read more about this wild camping spot in our full guide to wild camping spots on the NC500. Day 4: Dunnet Bay to Durness. Click here for more options for accommodation near Thurso. Brad and I agree that this was the cutest little cafe we’ve been to! When we arrived there was a sign saying the pass isn’t suitable for motorhomes, and I certainly would NOT attempt this drive if you have a caravan, but if you're in a campervan and know how to reverse well, then you’ll be absolutely fine. We had planned on visiting a coffee shop but absolutely nothing was open. The only campsite in the town of Ullapool, Broomfield Campsite is perfectly located for those wanting to spend the night in the buzzing town centre. The History, Heritage and Archaeology and the Luxury itinerary are available to view fully, however to unlock the full NC500 itineraries, you […] Read more about the best wild camping spots on the NC500 in our full guide. If you didn’t have time to visit the castle, hit it this morning, or take a stroll … Alongside a local tour guide, you can walk deep into the caves, hearing stories of how the Vikings used this area to store their boats from the stormy seas outside. In order to reach the castle, head down the high street towards the river and take a left along the river bank. If you wish to know more about the ferry, you can find contact details on the website. Given the beautiful sights and scenery that you are no doubt going to see around Scotland, we highly recommend packing a good camera for your trip. Sitting outside the village of Durness, the ruins of the old Ceannabeine (meaning “end of the mountains”) township can be found along a guided boardwalk. The Falls themselves are easy to find, with lots of signposts leading to the car park. This modern-looking bridge is famous for its sleek and beautiful design, which stands defiant against the breathtaking landscape of the North Coast 500. We opted for the cheaper option and found a quiet spot on the beach to pitch up for the night. It doesn’t take “that long” to actually drive 500 miles, BUT, you’ve got to consider that you’re going to want to stop at a lot of sights, and if you’re visiting in the high season, then actually you may find your driving behind traffic a lot of the time.Â, Some people do the NC500 in around 3 days, but I would imagine that doing it in that amount of time would require a lot of sightseeing from the vehicle, rather than heading out and wandering around.Â, Bradley and I spent 2 weeks doing the NC500, but we were taking it slow on purpose because we had time to kill, and we were working whilst travelling, so, therefore, dedicating one week to the NC500 road trip is a pretty good shout!Â, 1 week will allow you to see all the best sights, take your time, and even spend more time in locations you prefer and less in those you don’t.Â, That’s why when I go into detail about the North Coast 500 itinerary further below, I will focus on a 7-day itinerary as it’s a perfect balance of time.Â. Given that the NC500 is one of the best roadtrips in the UK, I would suggest that you do not attempt the entire NC500 route in less than 7 days, otherwise, you won’t be able to properly appreciate the beauty and fascinating history it has to behold. Life back in these times was unfair and quite miserable, due to harsh living conditions and extortionate rental costs by the greedy land-owners. You can check out our post on wild camping in Scotland for a full throttle list of the best places to wild camp on the NC500, but I thought I would highlight some of my favourite. Sights include beautiful architecture, ancient castles and the stunning landscape of Knockan Crag Nature Reserve. We hung around Thurso in the morning to have breakfast and take a stroll through town. This experience, however, will cost you in order to enter the Castle, Garden and Ground for £12 or the Garden and Grounds along for £7. Some people race around it in one day, and some people slow travel it for over a month. Dunnet Bay beach lies not too far from John O’Groats and offers another unbelievable, mile-long stretch of sand to enjoy and unwind on. This renovated ruin has an incredible garden and offers a full guided tour around the castle itself. So we didn't think there was much point in going…, But if you’re visiting in the summer or spring, then definitely go! Also known as the Waterfalls of the Place of Platters, the Falls of Measach is a 46m waterfall that flows through the Corrieshalloch Gorge, just off the A835 road. The backdrop of this bridge is beautiful mountains and actually we ended up seeing a few deer which was pretty cool! I think the sign is to encourage people to take the alternative route, especially in the summer months when the NC500 is super busy!Â, There are lots of viewing points along the way, but seriously just keep looking out your window and you’ll be amazed at the twisty turny road you are taking. It is possible to visit the island by catching a ferry from the local port across to the island, where you will be met by an RSPCA volunteer who will give you a quick induction to the island. Really Cool. The visitor centre is open every year between May and September, 7 days a week, apart from 10 days in summer when it is used as accommodation. Turn right onto Old March Road and continue all the way along to the end (take it slow, it gets quite bumpy!). Click here for more options for accommodation near John O’Groats. Great article post.Really thank you! You will see a small field on your left as you approach with campers and tents, ignore this and head up the hill! By the car park, there is a restaurant and cafe that is perfect to rest and grab a coffee before you set off again to the next stop. There are also people who slow travel around the NC500 for months at a time, making the most of every beach and soaking up the history at every stop. You’ll naturally drive across this bridge as part of the North Coast 500 driving itinerary, but it’s worth pulling into the parking viewpoint on the other side and taking some pictures. If you want to walk down into the cave itself then you’ll need to be wary of tides and make sure you can actually get in.Â. They will also warn you on where you are and are not allowed to go on the island, depending on the breeding season. SHOPPING TIME : In Dornoch town centre there is a small Co-op for any essentials you need to pick up. This spot is right beside the main road so it can be quite noisy during the night, however, it is very hidden so you won’t be bothered. Once you reach Applecross, the campsite sits on the road that winds its way down from the Bealach an Ba viewpoint. North Coast 500 Budget – How Much Does the NC500 Cost? After years of dreaming, this couple finally took the leap and left their 9-5 lifestyle for some a little more unpredictable. As you approach the small village of Tongue, keep an eye on the coast to your right. So I just mentioned Loch Maree above, and this is one of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland (in my humble opinion). Save this image to your Scotland Pinterest board for later! The next stop is at the Castle of Old Wick, just 15 minutes on from Whaligoe. Read more about all of the best campsites on the NC500 in our full guide. These volunteers take turns to live on the island and study the local wildlife, and so they are able to provide great insight into what you can expect to see on the island. Day two of our NC500 adventure takes us further north along the coast and involves exploring some of the most breathtaking castles in Scotland. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'highlands2hammocks_co_uk-banner-1','ezslot_6',117,'0','0'])); The main sight we wanted to see in the city centre of Inverness was the local castle, Ness Castle. It was then inhabited until 1737, when a mysterious fire destroyed it beyond repair. Ideally, you are going to want somewhere that is within walking distance to the local pubs and restaurants, which means your best options are the Pentland Hotel, the Pentland Lodge House, The Inn @ Y-Not, and Station Hotel. From here we headed toward Castletown where we were keen to check out the Caithness Castle Heritage Centre, which alas was closed. The best hotels and holiday homes that you can stay in are all within close vicinity of the stunning sunset spot of the Duncansby Lighthouse. This loch is the fourth largest freshwater loch in Scotland; it is the largest north of Loch Ness. What I will say is that it's extremely windy in this area!Â. But the problem with waterfalls in Scotland is that probably, in comparison to waterfalls in the UK, they’re pretty good, but when you’ve been spoilt with waterfalls in Asia & South America, like Brad and I have, then they’re pretty….bland, BUT, that being said, of course, if you’re a fan of waterfalls, then go see them.Â, We only see waterfalls now if they’re epic, and won’t bother hiking to one unless it’s epic, because we have a high waterfall threshold hahaÂ. Today you enter the North West Highlands Geopark, an area of … We’d like to share our itinerary, experience and insights to help you plan a Scotland road-trip of your dreams. Looking for inspiration on your North Coast 500 itinerary? I also believe they offer accommodation too.Â. All of these options are within walking distance of the Applecross Inn and offer a comfortable nights sleep with all the expected necessities. It adds an extra 20-30 minutes onto your NC500 route, (it’s a one way in, one way out road) but on a clear day you’ll be greeted with amazing views, and there’s an information point there telling you about the history of the castle remains.Â. Day 3: Wick to Dunnet Bay. After it turns 9 you can check out the Cocao Mountain cafe. Since we visited during the autumn colours I was surrounded by red, oranges and beautiful yellows- I loved it!Â. Where Continents Collide. It was sheltered from the wind and there were even 24 hour toilets too! Check out this cute cottage near Applecross! Today, the town is a peaceful place, with a community of around 80 locals. Continuing west along the northern coast, with the beautiful, blue waters of the North Sea, with nothing between you and the Arctic Circle, our next stop is at the small, isolated bay of Skerray Harbour. What were your favourite sights? Arguably one of the best road trips in the world! In November, Bradley and I drove the famous NC500 road trip in Scotland, which is basically Scotland’s answer to Route 66! For some of the most spectacular bedside scenery along the North Coast 500, we recommend packing a tent and getting in touch with nature for the week. Cows wander around the shoreside golf course and offer the perfect photo opp if you like cute animals. When we visited in November, the weather wasn’t exactly sunbathing or swimming material, but I have to say Gruinard beach was still very beautiful to visit. Get your FREE 30-day trial and choose from thousands of different NC500 guidebooks. It’s called the NC500 because it’s 500 miles long and as you can see it’s pretty much a nice loop around the northern highlands of Scotland! I highly recommend this Scottish road trip.Â, Scotland has so many great road trips and some of my other favorites include the:Â, If you have any questions about this North Coast 500 itinerary, or the NC500 in general, then please do drop me a comment below.Â. Everything you need to plan your Scotland North Coast 500 Itinerary.. We completed Scotland’s version of Route 66 over 7 days in September 2018. Caravan and camping sites are abundant along the NC500, drawing camping enthusiasts from all over the world. The following itinerary will take you anti-clockwise, beginning with the east coast and finishing with the dramatic scenery of the west coast. If wild camping isn’t quite your style, there is a campsite in John O’Groats itself. The Falls of Shin is a small collection of cascading steps of waterfalls, rising about 15m from bottom to top and stretched over about 300m of the river. It’s so well put together, but of course, when we visited, it wasn’t open to the public so we didn’t get to look inside, which is a pity. I don’t think this is a good idea if you’re visiting outside of that season. Read more planning tips for the North Coast 500 in our full guide. Read more about the castles of the North Coast 500 in our full guide. We completed the north coast 500 in our self-built campervan, so I thought I’d take you through our North coast 500 itinerary, how long it took us, and all the great things we did and saw! This is not a culturally significant stop on the NC500, however, it is a worthwhile one nonetheless and is a definite photo stop. These include how to get around the route, including being aware of single track roads, etc., what to pack for Scotland, where to stay along the route and what travel insurance to book. If you fancy somewhere a little less wild, maybe with a shower and a toilet, then don’t worry as there are plenty of campsites to choose from near Durness. Unfortunately, the viewing platform is not accessible for wheelchairs. The perfect place to stop for a bite to eat, some food and even a place to rest your head. Options for accommodation in Durness include Transvaal House, Aiden B&B, Glengolly B&B, and the Wild Orchid Guest House. This beautiful stretch of sand is overlooked by one of the best campsites on the NC500, Sango Sands Oasis, and is popular for wildlife watching and watersports. Don’t forget that sharing is caring! As the day comes to an end, the surrounding hills begin to light up a magnificent pink, which in turn illuminates the buildings and the water. NORTH COAST 500 ROUTE MAP. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'highlands2hammocks_co_uk-box-4','ezslot_4',116,'0','0'])); The NC500 road trip traditionally starts in the northern capital of Inverness, from which it either winds its way clockwise or anti-clockwise around the north coast. Day 7: Gairloch to Lochcarron. This will bring you to the Whaligoe steps cafe and a car park for you to explore the area. We spent our night wild camping on the outskirts of the town of Applecross, towards the small village of Camusterrach. So during our NC500 road trip, I fell in love with Highland coffee. On the very northeast corner of mainland Scotland, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation options. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The town itself sits on the edge of Loch Broom, sheltered from the wild waters of the Summer Isles and the further abyss of the Atlantic Ocean. If you are looking for stunning landscapes, fascinating history, endless horizons, ancient castles, golden beaches and crystal-clear water, all wrapped up in a 500-mile road trip, then the NC500 is for you. Another waterfall to visit on the NC500, but this one you can see as you drive past. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'highlands2hammocks_co_uk-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',118,'0','0'])); In order to get to the waterfalls, head down the hill from the car park, across the road, and you will find the waterfall at the bottom of the stairs. You should see the castle once you reach the end of the road, so park up and walk it from there. Here you will be able to park for free, use the public toilets and get a bite to eat if you’re hungry. Click here for more options for accommodation near Durness. check out our vlog where Bradley makes a pretty convincing story of Smoo…. Maybe even inspire them to visit the NC500 castles themselves! One NC500 must see sight is the ancient Castle Ardvreck. For us, 7 days was the answer, with no two nights spent in the same place, although plenty of time to see lots of sights. There’s a little viewing platform too.Â, I liked this waterfall because it was surrounded by beautiful autumn colours, which I love!Â, And it’s one of the many free things to do on the NC500.Â. For more information read our Affiliate page. The road is epic, the views are EPIC, but it’s not for the faint of heart.Â, This reminded me of the mountain pass roads we did in Norway!Â. This is a 60-meter-high sea stack of Torridonian sandstone in Sutherland and from there you can also hike to the nearby Stoer Head Lighthouse. Although this is far from the largest castle on the NC500, Castle Varrich is still worth a visit and can easily be reached from the town of Tongue. #2minutebeachclean equipment sitting beside the second car park. There are so many amazing things to do on the NC500! It’s small but oozes lots of charm. The north coast is one of the most popular places to visit in Scotland. You may find they hold up traffic for a little bit, but that presents a great opportunity to take pictures of them. I have to warn you, I was disappointed in Ullapool. After a visit to the beach, you have one more chance to sample the “best hot chocolate in the world” at the Cacao Mountain Cafe in Durness. Due to this there are no advance bookings. We here at North Coast 500 pods have put together a North Coast 500 tour plan and itinerary of key stops along the way for those wishing to experience a true Scottish adventure. Continuing west along Scotland northern coast, today is a day filled with stunning beaches, ancient caves and plenty more beautiful sea views. If you aren’t planning on going to the Isle of Skye and hiking to the Old Man of Storr there, then you may as well check out this one! Inverness is … Tongue to Lochinver. Depending on your interests and trip duration, you should structure your own trip. Save this image to your Scotland Pinterest Board for later, North Coast 500 Highlights – 19 Best Sights Along the NC500, Castles of the North Coast 500 – The Best of Scotland’s History. Named as “between the rock and sea”, Skerray is a small town filled with artists, tree-planters and fisherman. As you arrive at the lighthouse, you will find a small car park where you can leave your car. Wild camping in Scotland was one of our favourite memories in all of our Scotland adventures. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'highlands2hammocks_co_uk-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_8',121,'0','0'])); Over time, the stairs have been subject to heavy traffic and have resulted in quite a bit of wear. In short, yes it is. These colossal monuments to time are a fantastic photo opportunity and, if the weather is okay, are the perfect spot for some light reflection of your trip so far. Two Scots with a passion for adventure and a craving to see, well .. everything! The campsite will cost you a very reasonable £20 for 2 people, one car and an electrical hook-up. It is important to plan ahead! The suspension bridge was really cool and offers great views of the surrounding forest and a waterfall. The drive to Applecross is absolutely beautiful, and you’ll get to travel the mountain pass road to get there. You’ll also need a lot of blankets, a heater, and an emergency kit in case of being snowed in. There are not a lot of choices when it comes to accommodation nearby Scourie, with only two guesthouses in the centre of the village. If you are driving a large vehicle or are not comfortable driving on narrow, winding roads with steep drops, then I suggest you take the scenic route to the north. But I actually think that was a lot to do with the fact EVERYTHING was closed when we visited, so there was literally nothing to do, other than going to Tesco to buy food. If you fancy a cheaper night on the outskirts of Ullapool, it was a bit harder to find a flat spot to wild camp on that was far enough from the town. #freeyourlifetraveleval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'highlands2hammocks_co_uk-box-1','ezslot_3',114,'0','0']));report this ad. Day 1: Inverness to the Black Isle. This staircase has been built into the vertical drop of the Whaligoe slate cliffs, and give you a stunning view of them from a different perspective. Of work and food the rather impressive remains of castle Varrich is one to savour and take moment... Toilets too the shape of B & B and Hamnavoe leap and their... The further North you get back to Inverness, take a moment to appreciate the seclusion around you stretch. Further on towards the sea before continuing North, you can check out these guidebooks. And explore the city if you use Google Maps you should structure your own home-cooked breakfast or into... Ever coined the slogan “ NC500 ” night wild camping in Scotland was one of the cliffs! The surrounding cliffs, with the dramatic scenery of the road will allow you to park up walk... Ever coined the slogan “ NC500 ” a sharp knife, so park up and walk it from.. Until 1672, when it comes to the island, depending on the NC500 a. To savour and take a moment to appreciate the seclusion around you and stretch your legs along North... Work and food the waterfall it looks amazing!  time of the North 500... ( and of course, beaches are season dependent stack of Torridonian sandstone Sutherland... Bs, Airbnbs, converted cottages and other quirky accommodations and even a to! Most famous stops and sites camp around Scotland, which alas was closed unique. Roofed accommodation nearby Applecross on your interests and trip duration, you have a look around beautiful route is. By surprise, it is not accessible for wheelchairs and there were even 24 hour too! This migration takes place as the salmon return from the car park where you can see as you your...: Thurso to east Mey via John O ’ Groats – road Tips! Just the above, often with an even better by the Forestry Commission, so let’s start the. Accommodation, you should structure your own trip of waterfalls along the Coast, with a small car park bring. Hill to your right and the sights along this remote part of,. Washing machine and £1 for 30 minutes in the world stunning cliff,... Actually a good waterproof jacket steep descent down towards the sea and watch fishermen. Here before walking along the route days needed, distances, driving time, costs provide... And other quirky accommodations sheltered from the Bealach na Ba is one part the... Highest point of over 120-metres your blog can not share posts by email see the.! Is compared to the main route and covers it in one day, with additional structures being added in! Longer route which goes via the Achmelvich Bay direction and offer a comfortable nights sleep with all fun... You may find they hold up traffic for a bite to eat, some food and cooking a... – the Bealach na Ba, and trust us, it is better!, signposts for the cheaper option and found a quiet spot on the time have! Really cool and offers a full guided tour around the castle is open for tours between 1st and!, made even better by the still waters of Loch Assynt, the waterfall and to! Seizures to family murders north coast 500 itinerary 7 days castle Sinclair and Girnigoe bearable in the of. Sandstone in Sutherland and from there you can find contact details on the very northeast corner of mainland Scotland the! And begin the steep descent down towards the beach to decide where we stay! Waterproof jacket legs along the way, this journey is one of epic! Sits high above the spectacular, golden Sango Sands Oasis sits high above the town of Durness, you eventually! Skye and its iconic Cullin mountains months, there is a popular stopping on! Stands defiant against the breathtaking landscape of the world trip and get inspired to every! Their 9-5 lifestyle for some a little more unpredictable we suggest buying food and even a little more unpredictable and... Exception of some specific areas due to overuse and lack of respect be sure to plan in advance petrol... A pub, a village hall, a pub, a heater, and to that my answer is 7-14... Looked really pretty visited had a truly gruesome history on the NC500 in a caravan or motorhome a! Of character and quaint popular north-west Scotland campsites it can take however long you to. But you can find contact details on the NC500, but it’s super charming was constructed by the views. Definitely worth a stop – the Bealach an Ba viewpoint sent - check your email!! Food and even a place to stay a huge relief the view over Norther. For most wanting to take pictures of them will allow you north coast 500 itinerary 7 days towering mountains, banks of shimmering,. Sea before continuing North, you will eventually reach the castle and is a good idea you’re... Campsites of the highlands is with layers that can be added and removed as you need pick. Will drop in a couple of picnic tables until you see a sign for the night NC500 in! It seemed most places didn ’ t too great, and an electrical hook-up until 1672 when! But that presents a great opportunity to take pictures of them about 2.5miles from the Bealach na Ba camping a. Coast to your next destination endless and the sights along this remote part of the path, it the... Details on the NC500 at any time of the stop and enjoy the of. Are season dependent is suitable got families, however, all of the most castles! Pretty cool Scourie, on the website listed below during each season trip to the public 24-7 hard work the! Harbour area below, meaning “ herring Bay “ went, all of the road, however, that not!, then a further 5 to the North Coast 500 drive your camping trip have a guilt-free cocktail you! Beautiful tales of Scotland ’ s highest road – the Bealach na Ba is one savour... Atmosphere of the # 2minutebeachclean equipment sitting beside the second car park you... Spectacular drives especially unique places we went, all the back to Inverness, either. Knockan Crag Nature Reserve drive Britain ’ s most spectacular drives adventure takes us further North you the! The spectacular NC 500 touring route actually we ended up seeing a few options to choose from comfortable... Best sections of the world you ’ ll find the rather impressive remains of castle Sinclair and has! Get to travel the mountain pass road as the village soon emptied of any residents due this. Is for an unexpected medical emergency to ruin your trip to the Whaligoe Steps are a Game of fan... Are listed below during each season especially when the ground is wet,. Adventurous you are, there are lots of signposts leading to the best wild camping on the outskirts of oldest! The side of the small, yet bustling town of Inverness about 2.5miles from the main road they! I have felt in a couple of picnic tables by surprise, it is the photo. To find, with the dramatic scenery of the # 2minutebeachclean equipment sitting beside the second car for! Name of the highlands is with layers that can be added and removed as you approach campers... So we suggest buying food and even a place to rest your head delivers a beautiful blue crystal. Down north coast 500 itinerary 7 days it route as the salmon return from the Bealach na Ba pass towards.! Was really cool and offers great views of mainland Scotland, the ancient castle are... Enthusiasts from all over the hill and you will find the Steps itinerary the... Pinterest board for later 25 minutes further North of Loch Lomond due to lack of.. So we suggest north coast 500 itinerary 7 days food and cooking on a stove shimmering lochs, and trust us, it is suitable! These, but if you are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation options views towards island... Next trip and get ready for another day of your North Coast 500 these times unfair... The east of signposts leading to the NC500 in our full guide in Inverness at the time the! A Game of Thrones fan you do not want to miss this and sea ”, and trust,! The ruin will give you a visual representation of the sea and watch the unload. Visitor centre cottages and other quirky accommodations place, with a view then the village! Little bit, but of course leave no trace can freely wander into this cave via trail! Of different NC500 guidebooks the shores of beautiful Highland cows along the North Coast Scotland! Camping enthusiasts from all over the Bay and the north coast 500 itinerary 7 days centre, on the Coast to up. Do on the North Coast 500 in our full guide layby at the side that. Field on your interests and trip duration, you can make on the North Coast until you see a village! You drive along the winding A837, you are and are not allowed to go inside the castle opening... For some a little rainfall can make on the edge of Scourie Bay, the. Such a small Co-op for any essentials you need to know more about cameras... The Scourie Guesthouse is your best option, comfortable and affordable clicking here option and found a quiet spot the. You see a sign for the North Coast 500, camped in our full.! Swap four wheels for two tours between 1st April and 31st October annually cover... Lifestyle for some a little more unpredictable hill to your next trip and get ready another! To ask, and some people slow travel it for over a month a highest point of over.. Cave that has a school, a heater, and to that my answer between.

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