do i have to create a samsung account

Step 2: A new Samsung account screen will come up, fill in the required information. Create a Samsung App Account. Solved! It’s not mandatory to have a Samsung account to use a Samsung … Ensure you don't enter the different code in the field below. For better or worse, the Galaxy S6 really wants you to have a Samsung Account. A Samsung Account gives you access to a wide range of services including apps, games and much more. Activate the account you created. Continue As Guest. You can locate, ping and wipe data on your lost phone. Step 1 Open "Settings" and scroll to "Accounts", and then tap "Add Account". They both have similar features, such as backing up data like Contacts, Calendars, Apps, etc. 3. :robothappy:. Once you have filled the page, click “Submit,” and the site should tell you that they sent a confirmation e-mail to your registered e-mail address. Click Sign Up Now: Choose an option below to create a Samsung Account depending on the model of your television: Create Samsung Account Online. Enter the appropriate information on the required fields in the Create Samsung Account page. There's some FAQ's on Samsung accounts here that give you info on what a Samsung account is and does, but the short version is that a Samsung account allows you to use various Samsung services on the phone (you can find a full list of them here.). You can check the box for the “Receive newsletter” if you will like to get regular updates on new features, contents and services available through Samsung services. To enable your Samsung Account your Smart TV must be connected to the internet. 3. Create an account. Checkout as a guest. Account holders also have access to the Music Hub, Samsung's online streaming service. Setting up a Samsung account is different and has additional features. The required information includes Email, Password, Date of Birth, First name, Last name and Zip code. Step 2: The next phase of bypass Samsung account is to pick the Find password tab and enter the email you've used to register your Samsung account in the ID field. Every Android phone will require you to set up a Google Account. Hi @HardcoreGR. Proceed to checkout and create a Samsung account later. Do I have to call Verizon to register it before I plug it in and use it? Note: you can't use any other email, except the one you used before. Thanks! Step-by-step for Samsung account login. Step 3: You'll see a security code below. I recently bought a Samsung Network Extender on eBay. All 3.0 Samsung Phones; Answer. Creating a Samsung account can be done via a desktop browser, Samsung Kies, or smartphone. Create a Samsung account from browser on smartphone. 1. If you're using your computer, you can access the Samsung account setup by clicking here. Here are 14 things every Galaxy S7 owner should do. Sign in or create a Samsung account. 4. Step 2 Click "Create new account", accept the terms. ... Mike had no idea how to transfer the registration, because he couldn't see the other guy's account w/o that guy's permission. This is optional. A Samsung Account is your gateway to all things Samsung Continue As Guest. Step 3 Enter your Email address, and other personal details, click "Sign up" to create a new Samsung account. You can also request service as a guest, but will lose your ability to modify and track your service request. The relevant bits from those FAQ's for registering & adding; signing-out & deleting:

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